I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland, and teaching Yoga has been my profession for several years.
I took my first Yoga class when I was 16 years old in São Paulo, my home city; it was a classic Hatha Yoga class. I loved stretching, breathing and relaxing; concentrating on the present moment, being at one with my body and listening to it.
When I was young, I used to love stretching on my bedroom floor or the living room carpet, and then I discovered that a technique existed that was perfect for me.

Dancing has always been another of my passions, but I couldn't adapt to the strict style of Classical Ballet. I ended up dancing in an extremely detached manner, with no expectations, and focused on experimentation. I decided to go to Jazz and Modern Dance, Afro-Brazilian Dance and Belly Dance classes. I was interested in all forms of expression, and also some martial arts. I did Capoeira, Thai-Bo and I tried Jiu-Jitsu when I was giving Yoga classes to one of the Brazilian champions, Fabio Gurgel.

I did a Tapa Group theatre course with Denise Del Vecchio and Eduardo Tolentino, not to become an actress but to gain a better understanding of the body's potential and the ways in which it can express itself.

At university, I studied for 2 semesters in the FAAP School of Visual Arts in São Paulo. I decided to live outside the bubble of the city, and for a long time I lived by the beach, leading a simple life in a tropical paradise in the northeast of Brazil, when it was still untouched. I then lived for a few years in Zurich, a city that would become ever present in my life, and where I'd return to later. It was the place my heart chose.

At the beginning of the nineties in São Paulo, I met Professor De Rose. I loved the fluidity of his Yoga style, especially the way he performed the asanas (postures), the breathing exercises and the mantras. I studied and worked with him and his team for 3 years as a yoga teacher in the UNI-Yôga headquarters.

I definitely fell in love with Yoga when I met some of the teachers who would serve as the inspiration for my work.

I have completed 600 hours of Yoga Training with Pedro Kupfer, through the Dharma/Yogabindu Institute. Pedro Kupfer is author of various fundamental and important books about Yoga and his leading expertise is well known in the international Yoga community.

In the following years I made several journeys aimed at learning about the traditions of Yoga and visiting different schools. I had the fortune of attending classes with some amazing teachers, it would be impossible to name them all here.

Although I've met some of the most famous teachers from the world of Yoga, I must say that the teachers I encountered in Brazil continue to be the fountain I drink from when I want access to knowledge and truth. Brazil is an incredible country for studying spirituality, the body, movement, music, dance and the arts in general. It's an infinite source of talent and creativity.

For many years now, I'm a member of the International Yoga Alliance and the Swiss Yoga Association.
I continue to educate and refine myself, and I have a genuine interest in carrying out high quality work rooted in Yoga Ethics. I seek to follow my Dharma with correction and also with compassion. The Yoga path is like any other, full of successes and failures. It is important to understand that, just as sometimes we all make mistakes and sometimes we get things right, we all deserve compassion and respect.

Using discretion is enough to keep the heart pure – Viveka. Stay faithful to your intentions – Sankalpa.

For an infinite number of reasons, my sincere thanks to Pedro Kupfer, Renata Ulliana, Camila Reitz, Kalidas Nuyken, Laura Parker, Gustavo Ponce, Marcia De Luca, Danny Paradise, Rodrigo Cardoso, Regina Shakti, Bruno Bartulic, Angela Hosse, Felicity Mac Donald, Larry Shultz, Andre De Rose, Julio Fernandes, Javier Sunder, Saul David Raye, Janice Vitavec, Cheryl Bernardi, José Maria Carvalho, Julio Vilan, Ivaldo Bertazzo, Breno Mascarenhas and all those I learnt from, as well as my students, who always teach me so much.

My eternal thanks to the Siddha Yoga community and to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Om Namah Shivaya!

Tania Sturzenegger

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