My method, Kundalini-Flow, is strongly influenced by Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga through some special sets of excercises.

Kundalini Yoga improves the energy of body and mind. Kundalini is the term for the primordial energy, the divine energy, our life energy. Through Kundalini Yoga techniques our energy centers can be promptly activated and this energy awakened.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga emphazises the importance of coordinating our breath and movements during the practice. The Flow means more than just the integration of movement and breathing. It encompasses also the meditative state in which we perform the asana sequences (postures). A state of 'alert intuition' is maintained throughout the practice session, when postures are generally held for 5 breaths. In the passages between postures attention is also focused on the fluidity of the movement and the care taken when performing it.

Kundalini-Flow is hence a method for those who like to awaken or even spark the body's energy, and also for those who love breathing profoundly and healthily, moving through the breathing like in a dance.

Two aspects that you will NOT find in this class: jumps and music. We substitute jumps with long and graceful steps, which have no impact on the joints. The music is our own breathing, there are no distractions.

The method Kundalini-Flow and the logo are duly registered in Switzerland, Germany and Austria under my name.


It strengthens the central nervous system, stimulates metabolism and regulates the functioning of the pituitary (hormonal) gland. It restores the flow of vital and pure energy, freeing the accumulated toxins and tensions in the physical and subtle body.

It supports the proper functioning of the two sides of the brain and motor coordination. It significantly strengthens pelvic and abdominal muscle, as well as body posture in general.

Building concentration and intuition, the class calms you while simultaneously being dynamic and energising. Well-being and vitality are the main results.

"I see Yoga as, above all, a spiritual path, where physical and breathing exercises are just the tip of the iceberg."

Tania Sturzenegger

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